A Guide to Plant Milks

As you start exploring vegan food, you’ll no doubt be aware of the multitude of plant milks that are now available.

Back in my day, it was sweetened or unsweetened soya milk and nothing else. Now, we’re spoilt for choice! Going vegan is the perfect time to explore new foods and expand your culinary horizons. Many people grow up drinking one type of milk and stick with that throughout their entire lives; but there are so many plant milks these days that you can enjoy a plethora of flavours.

Everybody is different. When you start drinking plant milks, you will find that it will help to try a number of different milks to realise which ones you prefer. For example, you may prefer oat milk in your coffee, but almond milk in your cereal.

Just enjoy trying new milks and brands!

Tip: Always opt for fortified plant milks
I always recommend people opt for plant milks that are fortified with calcium, B12 and vitamin D.

My favourites
I’m old school, so I am a soya milk person. I generally use it in everything, from coffee to smoothies and porridge. I am also a big fan of oat milk, which adds a lovely creamy taste.