How to Support Animal Aid

As the Summer Vegan Pledge comes to a close, I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about Animal Aid.

You may not be aware of Animal Aid’s work outside of the Summer Vegan Pledge. Animal Aid was established in 1977, making it one of the world’s longest established animal rights organisations.

We campaign against all forms of animal cruelty, but most specifically we campaign against factory farming, slaughter, the use of animals in entertainment, wildlife culling, blood sports, animal experiments, as well as encouraging people to go vegan.

Notable successes

Throughout our 40+ years, Animal Aid has achieved a great many things for animals. To name a few, we played a significant role in halting the building of a primate laboratory in Cambridge, successfully persuaded the Welsh Government to ban shooting on public land, halted the building of multiple factory farms, and our undercover investigations and work has resulted in CCTV being mandatory in all slaughterhouses in England, with Scotland set to follow in July 2021.

As well as the above, we have worked with companies to stop them using lethal wildlife control methods and instead opt for humane methods of control, helped countless people change their diets and lifestyles, and worked with restaurants and other companies to help them introduce more vegan options.

[You can read more about our achievements here]

Education Department

You may remember a previous blog which spoke about talking to young people about veganism. This relates to the work of our Education Department and school speaker programme. I won’t repeat it here, so please do take a look at the blog post!


How you can help

There are many things you can do to help support our work.

1) Follow us on our social media accounts and share our posts.

2) Take Action!

The Take Action page on our website has many things you can do to take action for animals.

3) Donate.

Animal Aid relies entirely on donations to continue our work – we receive no government funding. Please do make a donation if you can.

4) Become a member.

Set up a regular donation and become a member, and you’ll receive our quarterly membership magazine, 10% off on our online shop, and other benefits.