Vegan Networking

One thing that is often a struggle or a barrier for new vegans is the lack of support or other vegans around them. Luckily there are now ways in which you can meet other like-minded people.

Social Media Groups

You can find people in your area who are also vegan by simply searching for Facebook groups. You may be surprised to find out that there is most likely a group already established for your area. Joining and following such groups will give you the chance to connect with other vegans in your area and hopefully make some new friends.

If you are struggling to find groups in your area, please do let me know and I can help you!

Vegan Events

Another way of connecting with other vegans would be to attend vegan events, such as vegan festivals and fairs. As lockdown eases, we should start to see a large amount of these events taking place. They are a great way of finding new vegan products, eating delicious food, and connecting with like-minded people.

For a list of events, please see Animal Aid’s Events page: