Vegan Dinner Ideas

It’s dinner time – what are you having?

Stir-fry is such an easy meal to make! It’s great for when you have a bunch of veggies left over in your fridge that need using up. Throw the veggies in a wok or frying pan, add some tofu or vegan chicken, sauce of choice and serve with noodle or rice. So easy yet so flavourful and satisfying!

Vegan pasta dishes
Most dried pasta is vegan, if you’re buying fresh pasta check or egg in the ingredients. It’s easy to make a delicious and simple pasta dish; you can make your own sauce from scratch, but there’s nothing wrong with using a jar to save time. You can add a bunch of sauteed vegetables to this; maybe even some tofu or beans (such as black beans or red kidney beans) for added protein.

Chickpea curry

A simple chickpea curry is a great option for a simple and easy vegan dinner. A can of chickpeas, add any other veggies you like, and throw in a jar of store-bought curry sauce. Just check the label for milk; most supermarket own-brand ones will be labelled as vegan. Serve with rice!

Vegans Banger and Mash
Another British classic; simply use one of the plethora of vegan sausages available these days! Of course, you just need to swap the milk and butter for plant-based alternatives. Simple and delicious!

Recipe ideas


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