Useful Vegan Apps

There are many apps that you can download to your phone that ware indeed very useful!

1) Happy Cow
Happy Cow is a classic app that allows you to search for vegan-friendly restaurants in any area. This is perfect for when you are travelling (when we are allowed to, of course!) and you are unsure if there will be places to eat. You can check reviews, menus and more!

2) Animal Aid: Victims of Charity
This is a free app created by Animal Aid to support our ‘Victims of Charity’ campaign. Did you know that many medical charities fund and/or conduct animal experiments? This isn’t something that these charities like to mention. Using our app you’ll fine a list fo those charities which do and those which don’t support/fund/conduct animal experiments, to ensure your donations only go to charities which do not cause animals to suffer horrifically in laboratories.

3) The Daily Dozen
The Daily Dozen was created by our friend Dr. Michael Greger , with the aim of helping people eat healthier. I think he’ll be able to explain it better than me.

4) Cronometer

Whilst not strictly a ‘vegan app’, I use Cronometer very regularly. Essentially, it is a nutrition tracking app where you input the food you have consumed throughout the day, and it gives a largely accurate measure of your nutrient intake, with a breakdown of vitamins and minerals. It is often recommend that when making a diet change, you should use something like Cronometer to ensure you are not falling short on any nutrients.

5) 21-Day Vegan Kickstarter
Created by the good people at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, this app is designed to help your transition to a vegan diet easy, and to ensure you do it healthfully. It has many plant-based recipes and nutrition tips, developed by health professionals and chefs.

There are many others, but these are the ones that I definitely recommend looking into!