Vegan Breakfast Ideas

You may have already established a couple of staple meals that you eat often. Here’s a few more ideas.

A bowl of porridge is the perfect way to start the day; oats are a great source of energy as well as iron, B vitamins and more!

Simply use a plant milk and top with whatever you like! I recommend berries, chia seeds and a drizzle of maple syrup.


Baked Beans on Toast
A British staple, and indeed a very vegan staple. Baked beans on toast has saved many vegans who happen to be staying with a friend or relative and forgot to get any vegan food in. Just ensure you use a vegan butter/spread.

Fruit Smoothie
Get your five a day in early by blending up a plethora of fruit. Just use a plant milk, and perhaps add some chia or flax seeds in for those healthy fats. Adding oats to your smoothies will also make them more filling.

Vegan Fry-up
Another British staple for when you fancy a treat. Vegan bacon is so widely available now, so throw a couple of rashers in a pan. Add some vegan sausages, tofu scramble (see below), baked beans, fried mushrooms and hash browns, and you’ve got yourself the perfect vegan fry-up.

Recipes to try


For more ideas, see the ‘Breakfast’ tab on our Vegan Recipes section.