“I Couldn’t Give Up My Cheese!”

Many people say that they couldn’t go vegan, because they love cheese too much. But these days vegan cheese has come on leaps and bounds!

Cheese is one of those foods that people often talk about as being their favourite or something they could ‘never give up’. When I first went vegan, there was only two brands of vegan cheese available – and to be honest, they were horrible. I used to buy them every now and then to see if they had improved… they never did.

But now there are so many brands and varieties of vegan cheese – and many of them are actually tasty! Some of my favourite brands that are readily available can be found below:

So you can now enjoy a vegan cheese sandwich, or pizza, without harming animals, and without needing to compromise on taste!

It is also recommended that one experiments a little bit with different brands and types of vegan cheese, as everyone has different tastes, so you may find one that enjoy that I haven’t listed above.

Recipes to try out!
Vegan Mac n Cheese