Welcome to the Summer Vegan Pledge 2021!

Today marks the start of the Summer Vegan Pledge 2021!

It’s great to have you on board and I hope you will get a lot out of this month. On this website, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, you will find a plethora of recipes and information on the benefits of adopting a vegan diet. I also recommend taking a look at the Simple Swaps section, which lists a number of the most widely available vegan alternatives to common products, such as burgers, sausages, cheese and milks.

You should have also received a link to our Your Guide to Going Vegan This June booklet in your welcome email. If you have signed up and haven’t yet received this, please do let me know and I can sort this out for you.

Your Guide to Going Vegan This June contains all of the information you will need to get started in going vegan this month, including shopping tips, nutritional information, recipes and more! I highly recommend giving it a read and keeping it to hand.

Going vegan has never been easier, with the supermarket shelves filled with vegan versions of all of your favourite foods and restaurants embracing plant-based eating by offering a range of vegan options!

Throughout the month I will be posting a blog post to this page every day on a different aspect of veganism – including interviews with some interesting people. You’ll also receive a an email every week, which will link you to any recent posts.

Join the Facebook Group
If you haven’t already, please do join the Summer Vegan Pledge Facebook group. This group is full of people who are either taking the Summer Vegan Pledge this year, or those who have completed the Pledge in previous years. You’ll be able to ask any questions you may have in a friendly and supportive, non-judgemental space:https://www.facebook.com/groups/SummerVeganPledge

Whether you are taking part because you want to help animals, the planet or just to try something new, I hope you enjoy your Summer Vegan Pledge experience!

Tod Bradbury
Campaign Manager & Summer Vegan Pledge Co-Ordinator