Being vegan in Papa John’s Pizza

Earlier this year, following a petition and campaign by Animal Aid and Vegan Food UK, Papa John’s introduced vegan cheese into all of their UK stores.

> Vegan Sheese and Tomato – a vegan version of the classic cheese and tomato pizza

> Vegan Sheese Garden Party – a festival of veggies with vegan cheese

> Vegan Sheese Hot Pepper Passion – for those who like it hot.

> The Vegan Hot Dog – featuring vegan hot dog pieces and vegan cheese!

Of course you can customise your pizza with as many veggies as you like!

> Vegan Sheese and Marmite Scrolls – freshly rolled dough stuffed with Marmite and vegan cheese.

> Vegan Sheese Crinkle Wedges – skin on potato wedges with vegan cheese melted on top

> Vegan Sheese and Jalapeno Crinkle Wedges – as above, but with added Jalapeno peppers.

> Special garlic

> Pizza sauce

Vegan options are everywhere these days; whether you are eating out or ordering something in, it has never been easier!