Being vegan on the cheap


A plant-based diet is not only better for animals and the planet, but it can also save you money.

Some people say that veganism is expensive. And this may be true if you are purchasing fancier meat-alternatives and vegan ice-creams, but vegan eating is not inherently more expensive that any other diet. In fact, it can actually be much cheaper.

Meat and products such as cheese can be expensive, so by switching to cheaper protein sources like beans, lentils, legumes and whole grains, you can save money. Other things that can save you money include cooking from scratch when you can. Whilst processed vegan foods may be delicious, they tend to cost the most. So using wholefoods as protein sources can help cut costs.

Note: Dried beans and legumes are cheaper, but do take longer to cook.

There are many resources available for people who are on a tighter budget that can make vegan eating on the cheap much easier. The following useful websites all have plenty of vegan recipes:

Cooking on a Bootstrap by Jack Monroe:

Full Bellies on a Budget

Frugal Living

Animal Aid also has a booklet called ‘Meat Free Feed Four for Under a Fiver’, which can be downloaded or ordered for free:

Other ways of saving money

> Buy frozen fruits and vegetables
> Take a trip to your local fruit and veg market/greengrocers, which tend to stock local produce and cheaper prices.
> Take advantage of the discount/reduced sections at supermarkets, which often contain lots of cheap vegetables.

So it is actually very easy to eat vegan on a budget! Enjoy!