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Animal Suffering

Most farmed animals are slaughtered at just a few weeks or months old. Apologists for the industry pretend that, because the animals are purpose-bred on a farm, it is OK to treat them cruelly and then kill and eat them. Yet these animals are sentient creatures who feel pain and fear just like a cat, dog, or, indeed, a human being.

While the filthy and overcrowded conditions that animals endure in factory farms have been widely documented, even farmed animals that are not imprisoned in barren sheds often suffer mutilations and neglect. For example, around 20 percent of newborn lambs die from disease, exposure or malnutrition within just a few days of being born.

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Whether animals are kept indoors or outdoors, whether they are farmed intensively, free range or organic, it always ends in them being sent off for slaughter whilst they are still relatively young.

In recent years, Animal Aid has conducted undercover investigations at eleven randomly selected UK slaughterhouses, including non-stun religious establishments and so-called ‘high welfare’ abattoirs accredited by the RSPCA and Soil Association. We have revealed an everyday tale of laws broken or ignored, together with routine incompetence and, worse, indifference to suffering. We filmed sheep lifted and thrown by their fleeces, cows struck in the face and ribs with electric goads and brooms, pigs having cigarettes stubbed out on their faces, and inadequate stunning that resulted in pigs and sheep being tortured with electric shocks before having their throats cut whilst fully conscious.

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