The cruelty-free blogosphere – by Ben Martin

I think it’s safe to say that the internet has made being a vegan much easier. Whilst it’s still nice to flick through vegan cookbooks and salivate over the photos of delicious food, it’s now possible to find an animal-free recipe for just about anything through Google. Rather than the work of professional chefs, this is largely thanks to an army of vegan bloggers who, when they aren’t experimenting and creating wonderful new dishes, are writing about them online. And if they’re not creating culinary masterpieces themselves, there are those who are happy to review them, or in fact review anything vegan at all, to make sure we all know what’s hot and what’s not in the vegan world. Some of these bloggers have acquired quite a following, so here’s a rundown of some of the best.

News and Reviews

Fat Gay Vegan is the award-winning, light-hearted and often humerous blog of Sean O’Callaghan and covers everything from vegan cafes and restaurants to cruelty-free clothing and food.

A Vegan Obsession is the work of India Leigh and has been featured in the Sunday Telegraph. As well as covering news about all things animal rights and vegan, this blog also has a whole section on recipes.

Tea and Sympatico reviews all manner of vegan events, eateries and products and is written by the Manchester-based organiser of Cake Liberation Front.

At Vegan Vox you’ll find reviews of events, books, products and all manner of things, as well as delicious weekly recipes with handy step-by-step photos.

Veganoo is the go-to website for vegan news and reviews, often trialling products before anyone else. It also has specialist sections for budget vegan products and gluten-free vegan goods.

Recipes and meal ideas

In Vegetables We Trust offers an eclectic mix of recipes, including sweet and savoury, as well as things that fall somewhere in between.

Oops, I’m a Vegan is a combination of recipes, meal ideas and advice, with occasional reviews thrown in for good measure.

Essential Vegan is the work of Vanessa Almeida, a vegan chef who has created a wide range of delicious recipes and even penned a well-regarded cookbook of the same name.

Vegan Family House is a lovely, cheerful blog that’s all about recipes, reviews, meal ideas and musings on life.

Diary of a Vegan in a Hurry is full of quick and easy recipes and meal ideas for vegans who want tasty, nutritious meals but don’t have much time. It’s also written by Animal Aid’s very own Issie Hutchinson.

Everything Else

Powered by Peanut Butter is written by vegan runner Lauren. Part review site, part recipe archive, part running journal, it’s hard to put this blog in a box, but why should we?

To Happy Vegans is written by two happy vegans, Mitsu and Sasha, and is basically a ‘how-to’ guide for new vegans and the vegan-curious that covers just about everything you can think of.

All of these plant-fuelled netizens were instrumental in helping to promote the Great Vegan Challenge and bringing in the more than 850 people who are taking part, so I would like to say a heart-felt thank you to all of them from everyone at Animal Aid.