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Daily Vegan 23: More than just food – by Ben Martin

Throughout the Great Vegan Challenge we largely focus on food. That’s because farming animals is the single biggest cause of animal cruelty in the UK. Almost one billion land animals are killed for food in the UK alone every year – plus a huge but unknown number of sea creatures – and as Animal Aid’s undercover investigations into farms and slaughterhouses have shown, suffering is rife in the industry. Also, for many people, changing their diet is the greatest hurdle to overcome. What we eat is bound up with our culture, our traditions, the way we socialise and so many other aspects of our lives that changing our diet can seem very daunting. But I hope that through the Great Vegan Challenge, we’ve shown you that being vegan is not only easy, but can be a joy!

Sadly, animal exploitation is not just limited to food, of course. Toiletries, cosmetics, and household cleaners, for example, are often tested on animals and may contain animal products. As such, many are considered to be unsuitable for vegans. But, fortunately, it is now easy to find cruelty-free beauty products.

In addition to specialist companies such as Faith in Nature and Honesty Cosmetics, several leading high street companies also sell vegan beauty products. Very helpfully, Superdrug and the Co-op label which of their own-brand goods contain animal products, and almost all are not tested on animals. A special mention must also go to Lush, who not only oppose all animal testing and have a wonderful range of vegan products in their shops (all clearly labelled), but also lend their support to groups like Animal Aid who work to end all animal cruelty.

When it comes to household cleaners, again the Co-op comes up trumps by not only selling products that are not tested on animals, but also labelling which products are also suitable for vegans. There are a number of other companies who specialise in making cruelty-free household cleaners, too, including Faith in Nature, Bio D, Suma, Method and Astonish. The last two can often be found in supermarkets, or even discount stores such as Poundland.

For make-up, Superdrug’s own ‘B’ range is vegan and non-animal tested, and Barry M indicates on its website which of its products is vegan-friendly (although, sadly, not on the products themselves). Beauty Without Cruelty is also completely vegan and many of their products are available from the Animal Aid online shop, where you can also find products from Fairypants and Lavera, not to mention cruelty-free shampoos, moisturisers, household cleaners and more.