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Daily Vegan 30: So long, farewell and au revoir… – by Ben Martin

Well, that’s almost it for this year’s Great Vegan Challenge. So, how has it been for you? Interesting? Enjoyable? Maybe even fun? At the very least we hope that you’ve taken something positive from the experience and maybe learned something new.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you made it to the end with out too many slip-ups, if any. In which case, everyone here at Animal Aid would like to say congratulations and a huge thank you for taking part in this year’s challenge. Simply by going vegan for the last 30 days you have collectively helped to save thousands of farmed animals, which just goes to show how effective veganism is in reducing animal suffering.

Of course, you could help to save many, many more if you decide to stay vegan when the challenge is over. We hope that’s what you’ll do, but it’s completely up to you. If you do decide to make veganism a life-long commitment, remember that we are still on hand to answer your questions and provide support. And if you can’t fully commit to veganism, we hope that you enjoyed the challenge nonetheless and that you’ll perhaps depend less on meat, milk and eggs in the future.

Soon, we’ll be sending you an online questionnaire about your experience of the Great Vegan Challenge. Please take the time to fill it in, as the feedback is vital in helping us to improve future challenges. And if you complete it before 6th January, you’ll be entered into a free prize draw for a £20 gift voucher to use in the Animal Aid online shop.

Otherwise, all that’s left to be said is so long, farewell and au revoir from the Daily Vegan.