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Daily Vegan 3: The coffee problem – by Mark Gold

Soya milk is so popular these days that nobody should have any difficulty finding it. Many non-vegans choose it for health reasons, because they are dairy-intolerant, or because they simply prefer the taste. There are now many brands available, both in sweetened and unsweetened versions, and most supermarkets have their own-brands, you just have to find the one(s) that you like best. They keep well for several days in the fridge – much longer than dairy. One further consideration is the added vitamins and minerals. Some brands include calcium, B12 and vitamin D – all of which are useful additions.

If you are accustomed to cow’s (or goat’s) milk, you will still find a difference, though it is not as great as it once was. Sometimes the taste buds do take time to adjust. However, once you become used to soya milk, you’re likely to find that it’s the cow’s milk that tastes unpleasant. I know that on the few occasions that I have picked up the wrong cup of tea, I can instantly taste the cow’s milk and find it revolting. It leaves a horribly cloying and fatty after-taste.

Non-vegan visitors to my house usually seem happy to drink soya milk in their tea. Either that, or they’re too polite to object!

You can also easily obtain a delicious, creamy soya latte from the leading coffee shops (just watch out as some of the flavoured syrups they use contain dairy). However, homemade ‘ordinary’ coffee tends to ‘feather’. This is a polite way of saying that it curdles and turns into a frogspawn-like mess! It’s a problem that most vegans have encountered at some time.

But fear not! It can be avoided. Firstly, make sure the coffee is off the boil – let it cool down a bit before adding the plant milk. (This also applies if you’re making a soya latte.) Secondly, stir the soya milk in as you add it, and use quite a lot.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that some brands of soya milk perform better than others, so you might like to try a few. Alpro Original seems to work well in coffee and, if you’re still struggling, a special curdle-free soya milk called Sunrise Café Expert is available from some outlets.

If you really can’t get on with soya milk, try another type of plant milk – rice (which works especially well if you like just a small splash of milk), oat, almond, hemp, coconut, hazelnut, etc – though majority opinion is certainly that soya is best for hot drinks.