Luksa’s Story

Luksa was born on a dairy farm in Kent, in September 1994, a product of artificial insemination. She was separated from her mother at birth, and found to be surplus to requirements for replacement heifers. Luksa was due to be shot like so many other calves. However, at three days old, she was sold for the first time in Ashford market. At one month old she was back at the market again. A school farm bought her with the intention of raising her for dairy production whilst teaching the children about farming.

Perhaps Luksa is one of the lucky ones because for the next few months of her life she was cared for by the children who worked on the school farm. In spring 1995 the school farm made the decision to sell her to make money and give the children experience of selling at market.

We were contacted by a very concerned vegan parent who asked if we could take Luksa and three others, including a young steer who was being raised for beef production. Following protracted negotiation with the school, we were able to collect Luksa and her friends and they have been with us at Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary, ever since.

Although we have a strict no breeding policy, Luksa and her friend, Carrie, took themselves off to the bull at a neighbouring farm in mid 1997. Both came back in calf and Luksa gave birth to her son, Bob on 21st January 1998. They have never been separated since!