Just Say No – by veganmaybe

At the beginning of October I was feeling hugely relieved, as I’d thought the vegan month was October. But, October is passing and the reality of absolutely no Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (I’m absolutely convinced there is NO substitute!) creeps towards me!

Though, in 2002, I was on the Welsh Big Brother TV thing (learning Welsh in North Wales for 8 weeks, and said I was a vegan. I did so cos I hate cheese, and as a vegetarian people always seem to load it on.

Anyhow, for 8 whole weeks we all had 4 meals a day and spent a lot of the time in the classroom. However, I felt great. I’m sure I lost weight (though that might have been pure stress!) and felt incredibly fit. I also felt ‘gooder’! My nearest neighbour is a dairy farmer on, what is becoming, an industrial scale. So newborn calves, too small for their skins, lie dead in heaps and their mothers bellow that terrible, terrible groan of loss. The live cattle are skinny and often lame (not to mention have endemic mastitis).

So how can I possibly drink milk or even touch any milk products?

Because I am idle, in love with dairy products & completely self-delusional. I know the arguments & live close to the actual reality. So time to stop being an ice-cream eating wimp and JUST SAY NO!

But does that mean no Green & Black’s butterscotch chocolate? Yes, yes, I know; the question was rhetorical.

So I am just going to pop out to the shops, whilst first checking the calendar…

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