Daily Vegan 18: Blessed are the cake makers – by Mark Gold

In the beginning there was very little cake for vegans, and then there was mostly only very worthy wholemeal (and rather heavy) fruit cake. These were/are fine in their way, and can be delicious, but they are unlikely to convince those accustomed to light and fluffy sponges and the like. Besides, variety is the spice of life!

In recent years, however, the vegan cake makers have gone into creative overdrive, and nowadays you can find recipes galore for many of the most popular types of cake. There are various combinations to replace eggs, e.g. oil, soya milk, egg replacement powder, baking powder and so on. Non-vegans are often amazed by the quality!

A good, cheap and easy introduction to the wonderful world of vegan cakes is the delightfully unpretentious The Return of the Cake Scoffer by Ronny. It’s available from Animal Aid priced £1.50.

One of the best vegan cake makers I have come across is Clare Persey, who runs the catering company Fairfoods. (I’m sure there are others who are equally impressive, such as our friends at the Heavenly Cake Company, but I have more personal experience of Clare’s delicious baking!) Clare’s range includes tarts, slices, muffins, scones, cupcakes, cheesecakes, sponges and raw food cakes, and she generously provides lots of the recipes on her website.

If, like me, you’re much better at eating cakes than baking them, there are several companies like Fairfoods, who provide mail order vegan cakes, including The Vegan Cakery, Vegan Cake Direct, Hannah Banana Bakery, Ms Cupcake and The Heavenly Cake Company. You can also catch up with many of them at vegan fayres and festivals.