“But humans are made to eat meat!” by Tod Bradbury

One of the most common arguments we may hear is that humans are ‘designed’ to eat meat – and thus it is perfectly okay to raise and slaughter animals for consumption.

Now, some vegans argue that humans are naturally herbivores and thus aren’t “designed to eat meat.” And they even include this picture as evidence of that:

This is something that I have discussed with vegans and meat-eaters alike, and the crux of my argument is this: we do not need to eat animals, we can live happy healthy lives without consuming animal products – the production of which causes animal suffering and environmental destruction, therefore whether or not humans are natural herbivores or omnivores is irrelevant. 

I accept that humans are omnivores, because, frankly, we are. Being an omnivore simply means that we, humans, are capable of obtaining nutrients from both plants and animals. That doesn’t mean that we have to, or need to. And as we can obtain all of our nutritional needs from plant-based and vegan sources, we do not need eat animals at all.

Therefore, both sides of the argument – those who claim that ‘humans are omnivores’ in a bid to justify raising and slaughtering animals for ‘food’, and those who claim that ‘humans are herbivores’ in a bid to refute such claims – are wrong in my view.

Whether humans are “made” or “designed” or evolved (whatever your beliefs) to eat meat is not an argument for continuing to do so, given that we can thrive on a vegan diet.

I have included a few interesting resources below, if you would like to read some more on this topic: